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Tucked away in a corner

Tucked away in a corner

Tall grasses will be trimmed to allow flowers to come through after a cold and dry Spring 2018. The late cutting allows the many bulbs including native bluebells and daffodils, snakes head fritillaries and primroses  that did so well in Spring to rest and bloom again in 2019.

After the rains in August 2018, a sunflower appeared, growing 10 flowers and 2 metres tall - the cold weather in early September stopped its growth; the foxes ate the seeds so we may get another.

Our clock is unwell

The original maker of the clock and bell has inspected the mechanism, faces and bells and we have estimates for the refurbishment of this historic timepiece. and mechanics that date from 1830s. 

We would need to spend a considerable sum to replace the hammers, refurbish the clock faces, secure the bells and scaffolding up for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.  We are eligible for financial help and will explore possibilities before any work starts.

We shall give everyone a full report as soon as possible and will be able to update everyone at our next meeting. In meantime, send any views to us at:

Photos welcome

Please send your photos of admiralty mews to us - no foxes thank you

Royal Marines Heritage Trails

Deal (and Walmer) have a rich history and heritage ,mostly associated with the Royal Marines based here until 1996. There is a great booklet setting this out and available from and information centres including the Deal museum or the Dover museum. Bill Butler has been working hard to establish a self guided tour of the Deal sights - you can see the markers on the pavements and includes details of access for people who use wheelchairs, toilets and refreshments.

The mews are regularly visited by former marines and/or their family members - they all tell a good story of their time spent in the military and getting kitted up, making friends and "going over the wall". The Marines visit formally at least once a year to remember past marines and play music on the beach. 

EBMC agreed the Marines may bring conducted tour lasting up to 15 minutes onto the Mews when they give advance notice, the guides wear a sash and it is insured. The Marines also bring cadets to the Mews as part of their induction into service and they get a briefing on the origins of the Marines in Deal and of the former purpose of the buildings as a hospital, depot and prison.