Our Clock

The clock at Admiralty Mews is in need of repair

Built in the 1800s the Clock is in need of major repair - the mechanism is eroded by salt in the air, the electrics have failed and the bell hammers need to be replaced.

As a temporary measure, we have renewed the lighting of the clock faces - replacing the old lights installed in the 1950s with LED lighting. The mechanism for the clock is still working but there is corrosion that will stop it working eventually.

The clock faces are eroded at the back of each face.

The EBMC has agreed that we will seek external funding for the repair and renewal of the clock and tower.

This will secure the future of the clock and its tower for another 100 years and ensure that residents of Deal and Admiralty Mews can enjoy the clock and chimes again.


The foxes have been using the Mews for many years. The Strand traffic takes a toll and some years none appear.

The foxes produced 7 cubs in 2019.

We ask people not to feed or encourage the foxes.

Foxes have an international reputation. The Guardian reported problems in Japan, Germany and Portsmouth on 2 June 2018.  Nagaokakyo police found 40 shoes, 110 shoes were pilfered in Fohren,  50 in Farlington, UK, were gathered by foxes but none matched. We have gathered 8 shoes, a wellington boot and 7 gloves in Deal. And now a collection of socks is building (May 2019)

Buildings - refuse shed

Admiralty Mews has a refuse/recycling shed for residents to use. We have enough space for all rubbish (there is a website if you want to check the calculations) and as some houses are unoccupied there is usually enough room for all provided we use the facility with care and respect for others. We have added extra paving next to the shed. Now that Dover District Council has delivered additional bins we can restart a better way of disposing of rubbish in collaboration with the Council - glass and carboard/paper in separate large bins and propose separate collection of plastics collection.


It is vital that we each follow some simple rules to keep the peace with Dover District Council and make sure our bins are cleared each week/fortnight. So please:

  • put foodstuff in a compostable bag in the grey bin outside the refuse shed. The content is taken away and recycled - on farm land. NO plastic bags please as they cannot be recycled. A small plastic caddy can be ordered from Dover District Council on line or 01304 872428

  • put paper and cardboard in the grey bins inside the shed; please flatten and break small boxes to avoid taking up too much space. The bins are emptied and the paper/card is recycled

  • put your domestic waste in a black bag into the large containers

  • take your LARGE cardboard boxes to the Council depot in Deal

  • our bottle bank collection - put only glass in the blue bins, remove tops and empty them

  • take your old furniture, clothing, lights, old or new shoes, mowers, golf clubs, plastic wrappers, paint tins, polystyrene packing, light bulbs, electric goods - irons, fridges etc. - mattresses, plastic flowers, builders' rubble, oil, garden waste including grass and hedge cuttings, old window frames replaced by contractors (they avoid paying a charge at the depot by using our domestic waste bins), broken glass, and bulky items to the depot. These items must not be put in the large containers in the shed. Take unwanted items to a charity shop, sell them on eBay or take them to the depot to be recycled safely.

  • Unless you follow these simple rules , the DDC reject ALL yo urthe rubbish.

  • get your garden cuttings taken away by the Council by buying permits from the Council - 01304 872428 or order on line at www.dover.gov.uk. If you have a permit, the bag can be left by the refuse shed.

  • Small amounts may be placed in EBMC bags - take large amounts to the depot please

  • The Council run a free (and discreet) service for disposal of needles and collection of clinical waste - see the DDC web site for details.

EBMC have some bags for the garden waste from the communal areas including tree leaves, dead plants and cuttings which is collected by the Council once a week; we aim to compost most plants but there is a limit. Some bags are available for residents to use for their garden waste - if none are available please use a bag next week.

Cycle shed and tool shed

Residents may use the cycle shed for bikes - IF your bike has a label, sticker or marking to show the owner's house number. 

Get the padlock code from a director.

Old bikes have accumulated again - abandoned bikes and old tools get disposed of regularly.

A tool shed is used for rakes, brooms and small items.

Roofs and drains

Our drains lead, via communal pipes, to Southern Water Mains - residents need to work together where there is a blockage between the houses and the Mains.

We are working together to clear the roof and down drains of 1 - 19 Admiralty Mews. Leaves, nest material and rubbish accumulate. Grays use their “cherry picker” for access.

The Boundary Wall

Our wall was built in the 18th and 19th Century and was showing its age. Urgent repairs are now complete.

Please report people throwing dog poo and their wine bottles over our wall.