Admiralty Mews - EBMC

Owners of homes in Admiralty Mews are shareholders and appoint directors of Admiralty Mews management company - East Barracks Management Company Ltd (EBMC).

EBMC  steering committee comprises directors and residents appointed at annual meetings. EBMC owns and manages the common parts of Admiralty Mews and is responsible for maintaining the common parts of Admiralty Mews. People attending annual meetings may comment on priorities, budgets and any matters of general concern. 

Each property owner/leaseholder pay an annual service charge. EBMC manage and pays for major works including maintenance of the clock tower, the upkeep of the area and most of the boundary wall.

Directors follow good practice - getting the best price for services based on open tenders and quotes, inviting agenda items from residents/shareholders, sending the notes of meetings to everyone, keeping the area well maintained and secure, completing regular maintenance and promoting a sense of community by keeping people involved and holding open annual meetings.  We use to report problems of refuse, drains, lighting or maintenance issues affecting common areas, carparks and roadways.

In addition to the lighting of car parks, roadways and paved walkways,  CCTV provides extra security and safety over the carparks.  The EBMC CCTV, website, information held on members, is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office - registration reference ZA200612. Personal information is not stored on the website and personal information such as names and addresses are not shared unless required by law. The directors names and addresses are stored by Companies House.

Directors and committee members give their time and commitment.  At least one director or member takes a lead duty on such matters as refuse, landscaping, and money matters.

We engage contractors to deliver electricity, maintain electrics, CCTV, and to repair roads, walkways and the boundary wall. The common areas are covered by insurance while individual properties are responsible for the house and garden, drains and utilities.

Annual accounts are provided to shareholders and available - requests:

Contact us on:

If you would like the committee to consider any matters please write to:

Our 2019 committee is:

Mark Brangwyn                  Director              Chair;  Hard Landscaping

Ann Brown                         Director               Secretary

Jenny Hawkins                   Director             

Joseph Tanti                       Director

Robin Ovenden                  Member               Refuse

Linda Warren                      Director               Social Secretary

Gordon Bailey Director Finance Director

Pete Dennis                         Director              Treasurer resigned wef 1 January 2019

A little history of Admiralty Mews with thanks to Lyndon

In 1755 George Leith becomes a contractor to the Sick and Hurt Board of the Navy and in 1780 makes plans to build a Naval Hospital on land now known as Admiralty Mews.

The Admiralty acquire land for a burial ground and then a Naval Hospital at Deal; after a rebuilding project and conversion of buildings including The Dead House,  The Insane House and the Cook House were completed and the area occupied by 300 patients by 1814. The hospital was closed after the end of the Wars with France and The Royal Navy Coast Blockade for the Prevention of Smuggling was based in the Naval Hospital and South Barracks between 1816 - 1831.

The Coast Guard and Royal Marines used the hospital until the end of the Crimean War followed by The Depot, Royal Marines in 1861, and then a Depot Band in 1890 which then became the base for the Royal Naval School of Music and then The Royal Marines School of Music until disbanded in 1996.

In 1997 the land was sold to United Real Estate plc and planning permission granted in 1999 with building works starting in 2000.